Race Dates 2018/2019
February 2019: Wednesday 6th Terrace Theme Night: American Food Truck Buffet
  Tuesday 19th Ballarat Pink Phoenix Breast Cancer Support Group Fundraiser
March 2019: Wednesday 6th Tiarna’s Run for Research
  Friday15th Radio Ballarat Sponsors Night
  • Experience Night: Meet Local trainers and their horses
  Thursday 21st BRACE Interclub Fundraiser
April 2019: Friday 5th Cervus Equipment Sponsors Night
  • Terrace Theme Night: Autumn is Here
  Tuesday 16th Sportsman's Association Fundraiser
May 2019: Wednesday 1st Carngham Linton Football Club Fundraiser
  Thursday 16th Make a Wish Fundraiser
  Friday 24th Terrace Theme Night: Plate Up Ballarat
  Friday 31st Active Electrical Sponsors Night
June2019: Friday 21st Ballarat Veterinary Practice Sponsors Night
  • Terrace Theme Night: Old English Dining
  • Experience Night: Learn about 'behind the scenes' of harness racing